I’m QueenKelli Droughn,  I am a writer, wife, mother, author, coach, speaker and unshakable optimist.

I live to help female Spirit-led visionary leaders.  Because of my lessons and failures the best part of my life began after I turned 50.  Therefore, my happy place is empowering these leaders, especially mature and midlife women to face her challenges, conquer her fears, reach her goals and live her dreams. I created a system called, The S2MB3 Connection which stands for Spirit, science, mind, brain, body and Bible.   I teach Biblical principals, Spirituals Laws and Science, understanding that until a person connects them they are only operating in a portion of their power.

My unique perspective was derived through emotional abuse, four divorces and surviving multiple acts of betrayal and infidelity; yet maintaining my self-worth, perfecting my confidence, being resilient and refusing to quit or give up on ME!

My work helps people to gain mental and emotional mastery and ignite creativity.  It inspires people to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live lives they once only imagined.


Hello Queens,

I am attempting to tell share more about myself with sparing you the fundamental details so I will sum it with saying that most of my life I was a victim.   The victim of betrayal from my first boyfriend, which lead into experiencing more betrayal and infidelity in my previous marriages, the victim of society because what they tried to teach me in school simply did not resonate with me.  I never once considered it possible that it was a learning disability and it wasn’t the information as much as it was the way that I processed it and learned is different and their inability to be aware enough to understand or choose to focus on my divine uniqueness.  So it left me as an adult with a hidden secret a constant voice in my head,  you’re not good enough, you’re inadequate.  Yet I was strong enough to hold it all together, wear a mask and play a role called QueenKelli.  

But after several attempts to master this role, be a single parent, search for significance although I did have spiritual enlightenment, it set me free spiritually but psychologically I was still lost. By now I’m older I started my own business, founded a nonprofit organization that was helping other people while performing the administrative role for our family business with a revenue of over ½ a million and holding it all together.  One day It all came crashing down on me.  Again, confirming my now severe inadequacies and failure. I found myself  on my 4th divorce, home in foreclosure, not able to pay my bills, and at this point questioning if I can even hear God.  I had no plan B, nothing to resort to. The  stress of it all caused my bedroom to spin out of control at times which was the onset to untreatable condition called vertigo, compounding on my other health conditions that had ensued leaving me paralzyed at times unable to do anything.

Out of the blue within this experience I got a phone call, it was a coach from Life Mastery Institute who lead me through a strategy call that changed my life forever.  He said some things to make me realize that this whole time I didn’t really know who I was.  You see growing up I was never taught to have vision so my ultimate goal in life was to have kids and be a good wife. Therefore, I was never really being true to who I was born to be. This is the one thing that I’ve found is often missed by others, the one thing the grave yard is full of, unfulfilled potential because it comes so easy it’s also easily missed.  

That one call from a coach made me realize the thing I was always searching for was me.  I signed up for the program and it lead me into a journey of discovery about myself, my true purpose and now I know that the inadequacies, the not feeling good enough were also all tied into the fact that I was never taught how to be true to myself.  To embrace what I thought was my weakness, ADD, has now become my super power.

I also found out that pleasing others will never fulfill you, not knowing your true definition of success means success will always elude you because it can be right in front of you in the form of the current marriage you are in and the spouse you’re complaining about, the adult children you think didn’t learn the lessons you worked so hard to teach them, the work you do in the world that currently overwhelms you because the grace  you once had to accomplish it is gone or the fact that you know you’re created for more and are so tired of searching for how to do it.  

How about if you’re a visionary like me and so many ideas come to you that you have started and stopped so many times, you’re scattered and you’ve self-labeled yourself a failure when actuality you were just never taught the tools to complete them.

 My breakthrough  showed up when I first realized who I am and what I was meant to be in the world and how I’m meant to impact it.  That is the reason that most people go their whole life dieing and never really living in what I call, The Sweet Spot. When all areas of your life are align to what they are supposed to be.

 My breakthrough  showed up when I first realized who I am and what I was meant to be in the world and how I’m meant to impact it.  That is the reason that most people go their whole life dieing and never really living in what I call, The Sweet Spot. When all areas of your life are align to what they are supposed to be.

My inner breakthrough?


So my inner breakthrough came when I accepted myself as different and started celebrating the way my mind works.

 When I stopped crying about how my mind doesn’t work like everyone else, I was then ready to hear God tell me that it’s not a deficit at all but rather Assignments to be Divinely Directed.

 That I can accomplish more than the average person if I would learn to use my gift instead of view it as a burden that’s when my life changed forever.


My outer breakthrough?

Once I settled into this massive shift in my life.  Once I did the work on my mindsets and mental paradigms of feeling unloved and unworthy, once I leaned to gain mastery over my mind and emotions I was now emotionally available for someone who deserves the new me.  In 2012 I met then married the man of my dreams and we subsequently began living the life of our dreams. Because while dating I became his coach. I taught him the tools I am now willing to teach others and now we are both literally living in our Sweet Spot. Having purchased the ranch on our dream board, owning the horses and animals that were in our vision and  helping others live their dream. Now, moving on to the ultimate version of our dreams.  Which is  being paid for sharing my life lessons.

The breakthroughs  I got through the investment of  a coach  allowed me to do the work on myself to discover what works for me.  How my gift is a benefit, the same gift that were contributing factors in me attracting and marrying the wrong men, my own lack of emotional intelligence that helped lead to my divorces and all of the feelings of not being good enough now became my greatest asset.  I have this new belief in myself with extraordinary results.  My life lessons matter, my life stories matter, I’ve created a system that helps others like me thrive.  From realization to inner transformation, to action to results to Sweet Spot Living.

What’s Happening Now?

I’ve since helped hundreds of individuals find their voice; conquer their fears; including public speaking; writing books; launching businesses; standing on stages; owning their painful past experiences and using them as a platform for their business; realizing the power of their stories and becoming masters of their individual crafts.  Helping entrepreneurs, business owners as well as church leaders and ministries to conquer the challenges within their organizations. Learn to operate, “outside of the box” and grow.

 I am a catalyst for real change and transformation.     

I believe there is a SUPERHERO in every person once they are operating in their purpose.  

My passion towards women is to ignite you, release you then watch you break free and SOAR!  Only if you’re ready… Let’s Go!