DUST ON BOOTS! Hubby and I having fun on our TWH horses.

Every couple needs a mutual hobby.  Well, for Lawrence and I, owning horses was a childhood dream that we simply both refused to let go of.  It happened in 2017.  We are both over 50 but the timing couldn’t have been better.  Up until then we were grouping trying to find things to do on in our past time.  Date night became old having done the same old thing over and over,  dinner and a movie.  I remember we would look at previews to hopefully get something we could be excited to look forward to…Lol!  We did have our church and church family but we still knew there was something drastically missing.  We tried many different things.  The one other thing we enjoyed was walking our great danes yeah that was cool.  But still something was missing.

Then one day when we were walking down the street holding hands and God spoke to me and said, “if you believe me for a place to put horses watch what I’ll do for you.”  I screamed at Lawrence and said, “BABE, GUESS WHAT GOD JUST SAID?”  His response was well let’s do it. We prayed and agreed.  I promise ya’ll.  Through a series of events it was less than two months.  We met a friend of a friend who took us to a place called Madison House Farms.  We met Melvin Parham and the rest is history.  Within two months we owned two horses…well, we were making payments on them.  Now, here we are almost four years later and we own four horses.  Bought a ranch, 30 animals and no longer looking for something to do.  We always have something to do, ranch work never ends. 

Animals have changed our life and I mean it when I say we are truly living our dream.  If you have a dream, hold on to it.  God has not forgotten you!


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