Maturity Means Less Confirmations!

There was something that God with asking me to do today.  I knew what He with asking me but what He was asking me to do was a little uncomfortable or challenging or I just wasn’t sure.  So, I did what was normal for me.  What I had done for the past 30 years of our relationship.  I asked for confirmation.  I went to my Bible first and then a book about the subject matter secondly, from a trusted author of course (smile). I did get a confirmation!  But what was different was that really, all the the while I was looking, I really already knew it was His voice.   So I wasn’t surprised when the first place my bible opened up to was the book of Job.  More specifically Job 38 the chapter with the heading, “The Lord Reveals His Omnipotence to Job.” that. With the verses is God speaking with Job rather harshly asking him where was he when the foundations of the earth were created?  He asked, Have you commanded the morning since the days began? And several other rather rhetorical questions that put Job in his place. So as to say, DON’T EVER QUESTION ME?  Well that was the first thing He showed me about Job challenging God regarding his condition. Then I did find the book I was looking for and there was a confirmation in it.  But by then I was feeling a bit indifferent.  Then God broke our silence and this is what He said to me.  Queen, don’t ever look for confirmation to something that you know I’m telling you to do.  That does not please me Queen and I don’t have time for it.  That is what you did before I required a higher level of maturity from you.  If you know that it is My voice then don’t look for confirmation. JUST DO IT!🥴😳😫

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