There is a lot going on right now Queen your life does not have a lot of distractions as much as they are just a lot of things going on right now. Even in the midst of you trying to type this note at least three things happened.  The puppy got in to something, Lady Diamond (one of my Great Danes) wanted to come in the door,  Mom knocked on the door  to ask you something and you had to get up and let the dogs out again.  With all of that it would appear that you would  have lost or forgot what you wanted to say by the time you got opportunity to sit back down  here and write this.  It can be a tremendous source of frustration if you don’t change your perception about all of it now. Which is why I’m here.

I am here to assure you that where you are right now is not a….

Debacle (sudden and ignominious failure or fiasco). 

Ignominious (deserving or causing public disgrace or shame). 

Fiasco (a thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous or humiliating way).

It’s not a bad place but rather it is a place that I have absolutely brought you to. Whether we are talking about a new level in life or having a new  puppy both are  like a newborn being in the house, everything changes. Queen everything must change until the puppy is brought to an age where it can fall into your methods, your timeframe and everything else. A person must adapt to a new level and the changes it brings. Because you cant have new miracles with an old mindset. 

There will be many things that come into your life like that, there will be new ideas, there will be new businesses, new vision that I give you. New dimensions of our relationship and new levels I take you to.  And they all require change and feel the same as you do now have you noticed that? Have you noticed that they all feel brand new. A new business feels like the puppy or bringing a newborn home a brand new marriage feels like the puppy or bringing a newborn home, dealing with your mother’s dementia is like dealing with a puppy or a newborn its all new it’s all different for you and it all requires  One word …



  • the ability to be easily modified.

“I enjoyed the flexibility of the schedule”

  • willingness to change or compromise.

“the government has shown flexibility in applying its policy”

I’m teaching you to be flexible Queen I’m teaching you how to hear me and take care of things around you all at the same time. One day you will see that flexibility is going to serve you. In the midst of having focused attention, even now, while you’re writing and the puppy is pulling on your pant leg, biting it and you’re trying to focus on what on what I’m saying.

Even now I have had to stop again and I’m trying to get back into the frame of mind I was in before I had to stop which is like life actually. What I am learning and the skill that God is teaching me in the midst of what is seemingly a HUGE frustration with the puppy is the skill to learn that the voice of the Lord is consistent.  He understands the flexibility that I need to have.  What I’m learning is that I don’t need to be in a quiet place.  I don’t need to be in absolute silence or with nothing around to hear Him or to go back to Him. 

It’s like a conversation with a person you’re talking to and then something happens and you come back and you talk more and then something happens and then you come back and you talk more . I thank God for the change of perception because the change of perception causes me not to be frustrated. Rather it causes me to adopt and develop the skill that God is teaching me every step of the way.  Because absolutely I’m going to need it.  Absolutely I’m going to get better and absolutely it makes me better.  And absolutely I’m training for reigning and it’s necessary… all of it.  So that small change of perception proves that one word from the Lord changes EVERYTHING! Hallelujah. 

The other thing that I learned, because he specifically said the word debacle, is that I must be willing to look like a fool in front of others and a public failure regarding whatever it is that is happening in my life.  I must be willing to have a public crucifixion, for it to look like failure in front of others and for me to detach myself emotionally and absolutely not care. Until I am ready to do that I am not ready to reign on the level that He is taking me to because Jesus did that for me I must be willing to look like a fool for him and not care what others think about it.


QueenKelli Droughn 

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