Filmed at Ranch Ubiquitous Life Enhancement Center the film ‘While We Live’ is directed and written by the amazing @tothosewhowaite. Our son Caleb Joshua was the leading actor and we are grateful that Ranch Ubiquitous was chosen as the site to film of this powerful story. A young man who witnessed his mother’s violent death, now tries a new foster home with a new mother in rural California where he finds what it means to have family and be at peace.”Because we dedicate our lives to the benefit of others. We are really the ones who are blessed.” Queen Kelli Droughn

You’re not really living unless you’re living for something bigger than yourself.

That is our motto in short. This film depicts the essence of why Ranch Ubiquitous exists. Yes, we may have had a few animals. Surely we would have had the horses. But we certainly would NOT have 37 animals, five cabins and made the ranch what it is now if it were not for our drive to help other people. We have found in life that when you give of yourself, I mean really sacrifice for others, we are the ones that are blessed.
The choice to film this movie at the ranch was just one of God’s subtle ways of telling us, we are on the right track keep going.
Queen Kelli Droughn

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