Okay, so the ranch is not perfect but it’s here. We did it afraid! This is the beginning of a dream come true for us. We have always wanted to help people while also doing what we love. The Ranch Ubiquitous and all that it offers is our attempt to make a marriage between the two things we love doing…helping people and animals. Oh, yeah, and spending time together.

Our Journey

As I became a certified Vision Coach. I was aware of the tools and the work necessary to tape into the core of who I am and begin to use vision, a vision board and dream. As I introduced my hubby to it all it was very easy for him to jump on board and for the two of us to dream away. Well we did. We dreamed, envisioned and prayed and…IT WORKED!

Get Inspired

Get inspired to begin to dream again yourself. Don’t let another day go by that you stay in the structured life you’ve created if you are not happy in it. When you are fulfilling your dream there will certainly be challenges, and yes hard work. However, you will feel fulfilled in the midst of it. So, don’t quit your day job right away, but do begin to use your innate, god-given ability to dream. Have fun with it. Awaken the child in you and get started. You won’t regret it and we are right here along the way to hold your hand..Lol!

Coach Queen Kelli Droughn

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